It may still be mild outside, but one look at the trees and you can see that autumn is well and truly upon us, with weather warnings forecast for next week it will not be long before we are shivering into the colder months, so now is the time to be looking into your winter wardrobe, dusting off your coats and making sure that the are ready for the colder weather a head.

Here at Zippy Stitch we offer a a full jacket and coat alteration and repair service, so don’t panic if your coat no longer fits, a seam is torn, just pop it into your local Zippy Stitch and we can quote for any repairs required.

So avoid the expense of a new winter coat, don’t throw away your favourite and much loved winter warmers, just because they need a little repair, pop them into us and you can be ready and snuggly warm ready in time for when jack frost arrives.