Bespoke suits at ‘off the peg’ prices, designed by you, tailored by us.

For a totally unique look and elegant fit, nothing beats a suit that is made to measure. Whether you’re looking for a touch of luxury, a special occasion or if fit is a concern, we have a choice of cuts, cloths and linings, for a suit individually tailored for you. And you can be wearing your brand new made to measure suit in as little as 6 weeks.

Our tailoring consultants are able to offer expert advice to guide you through the experience of buying a bespoke suit from choosing the cloth, selecting the lining and selecting our unique features to make your suit truly unique.

We offer suits to suit every budget and taste and offer three distinct ranges: Custom, Premier and Signature.

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How The Bespoke Process Works

1. Consultation
During this first session we will want to get to know you and your tastes. We will look at your colouring, styles of suit and consider your existing wardrobe. It is also important for us to understand when/where you plan to wear your new suit. As part of this meeting we will go on to cover steps 2 and 3 below.

2. Measurement
During the measuring process consultant will take over 20 different measurements ensuring our tailors have all of the data they need to create the perfect fit. We also take photographs of you to provide the tailors with an idea of your body shape.

3. Fabric, Lining and other finishing selection
You will be taken through the fabric options as well as the lining choices allowing to pick materials that suit you. The consultant will also explain the finishing options – bespoke features, buttons and other features.

4. Making
Once you have been measured and features you would like agreed our tailors get to work to make your suit. Our Premier and Signature ranges are made entirely by hand. Normally it takes 6 weeks from order for your suit to be made.

5. Final Fitting
When your suit is ready you come back for your final fitting. We expect you will be very happy with your suit and you can take it away that day. However, if final alterations are required then these are normally completed with a few days. All our suits come with a !00% money back guarantee – if you are not happy with the finished suit then we will refund your deposit in full!